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How can academic credits be offset?

A1Please consult the NKUHT website  (http://www.nkuht.edu.tw/main.php—Administration—Academic Affairs Office—Regulations—Regulations on Credit Offsetting).

    For further information, please contact the Registrar Section (by phone at 886-7-8060505 ext. 1210 or email at kelly@mail.nkuht.edu.tw).

Q2What are the tuition fees and miscellaneous fees for overseas Chinese and foreign students?


1. For information about tuition, miscellaneous fees, residence fees, materials fees, insurance, computer & internet utility fees, uniform fees, etc., please refer to the Tuition And Miscellaneous Fees section of the NKUHT website (http://www.nkuht.edu.tw/). Tuition, miscellaneous fees, insurance, computer & internet utility fees, materials fees, etc., are assessed each semester. Only Staff and Students Consuming Cooperative Community fees (for uniforms, sports uniforms, equipment, etc.) are assessed once a year.

2. Master's and PhD student fees for the 2014 academic year: basic tuition and miscellaneous fees, NT$38,124; each academic credit (hour), NT$1,400. NKUHT tuition and miscellaneous fees for day school of four-year Bachelor programs, NT$45,961. Fees for overseas Chinese students are the same as for local students.



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